A message from the Chairman, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Al-Thani

The Doha Clinic was first established as the Polyclinic in Qatar in 1994. During this   relatively short period of time, the clinic flourished and gained an   outstanding reputation for outpatient care within both the Qatari and   expatriate communities. The fact that patients were seeking private  medical attention strongly indicated a need for   private inpatient care in Qatar. A decision was, therefore, made  to transform the Doha Clinic into a complete inpatient and outpatient medical centre.

As a result a fully integrated private hospital was born, and named the Doha Clinic Hospital. Work on the new hospital began in 1999 after recruiting several international companies specializing in hospital design and equipment. By June 2001 the building was completed and all the equipment  installed.  The Hospital was granted a licence to commence its activities on 3rd June 2001.

The Doha Clinic Hospital has a total of 80 beds distributed in  the inpatients' rooms (Private , Double and VIP), in the daycare section and in the intensive care unit. There are five operating theatres for conducting major surgeries. They are provided with the most advanced equipment, including special cameras and a   network that enables the transmission of audio-video information to doctors in the conference room, thus ensuring that the patient is observed by more than one doctor. Our delivery department has four private delivery rooms, fully equipped and providing facilities that target painless delivery.

The hospital has two intensive care units, one for adults and the other for neonates. We  also have a renal dialysis section. The radiology department includes equipment for accurate diagnosis and follow-up including X-Ray  equipment (Fixed & Mobile), C-Arm, MRI, CT Scan, Mammography and Bone Densitometry. 

Our hospital kitchen and cafeteria provide a variety of diets  to suit the requirements of different nationalities, also taking into consideration each patient's medical condition. There is a 24-hour pharmacy.

Doha Clinic Hospital is unique in being both small and large: small in that it has a  limited number of beds (80) and large because of its advanced equipment that is not normally available except in major hospitals, ie those with more than 600 beds.


A message from the Director, Dr Othman Al- Said

Since this was the first private hospital in Qatar,  contracts were   made with several international agencies which specialize in hospital design and equipment. At the time of building  we decided to install the most up-to-date equipment to ensure proper diagnosis and better treatment for the   patients, which is one of the keys to  the success of the hospital.  It is well known that the key stone for any successful health programme is its manpower.  A group of more than thirty consultants with broad experience in various branches of medicine have been recruited, and is assisted by a well-  trained team of nurses and technicians. Contracts have also been signed with a number of overseas consultants to pay regular visits to our hospital, thus ensuring that the services are constantly upgraded. We have worked hard to provide the best possible facilities in this hospital, and I take this opportunity to thank all our consultants, builders, contractors & equipment suppliers for the efforts they have made to make the hospital a great success


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